Essential tomes to add to your recipe book roster.

When it comes to changing up your lifestyle in search for better health, often the crux of the matter comes from home cooking. We make no secret of the fact that while nourishment and nutrients are key, an approachable way to take on nouveau health is to consume in moderation. And so, we bring you the definitive edit of the cookbooks we’re loving and that you need. Like, now.

Good + Simple: Recipes to Eat Well and Thrive - Hemsley + Hemsley

Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are at it again with their newest book Good + Simple, (£12.49). This one is filled with 140 recipes, each as wholesome, vibrant and easy-to-make as the last. We particularly love leafing through their handy tips and guides to mindful eating as well as weekly food planners if you truly have no idea where to begin. For vegetarians and vegans, there’s guides and recommendations to sub meat out where needed. Highlights for us include the Roasted Chicken Thighs with Watercress Salsa Verde and a Cannellini Vanilla Sponge Cake.

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Date Night Cookbook - Rebecca Warbis

The hopeless romantics in us simply couldn’t resist adding Rebecca Warbis’ Date Night Cookbook, (£9.98) to the kitchen bookshelf. This beginner-friendly tome is full of simple date night accompaniment dishes and ideas to spark off a romantic vibe. A tiny bit gimmicky but we love it all the same.

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The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook - Salma Hage

It’s good to have a stash of vegetarian recipes in the roster for colourful dishes that pack a punch in taste, flavour and nutrients. We find Salma Hage’s The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook a great option for fresh, modern takes on Middle Eastern cuisine, perfect for mezzo-style meals with 150 recipes that span across breakfasts and drinks, mezze and salads, vegetables and pulses, grains and desserts.

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Inspiralized - Ali Maffucci

Remember when we all became obsessed with the spiraliser? Yep, that infamous gadget that drifts in and out of obsessive usage. Well we’re all about that again. And this time, we’re not limited to courgetti and tomato sauce meatballs - this recipe book is full of inspiring recipes for dishes based upon spiralled vegetables. Dust off your spiraliser, it’s about to get wild and curly here…

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My Street Food Kitchen - Jennifer Joyce

The city girls in us simply can’t give up oh so on-trend street food hence the speedy addition of My Street Food Kitchen to the shelf. Penned by renowned food writer Jennifer Joyce, the cookbook includes 125 recipes spanning from tacos, burgers, curries, souvlaki, gozleme, noodles and dumplings, to ceviche, pizza and more. Included? Meal planners for the week. Sorted.

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