3 brilliantly simple ideas for your outdoors space.

Of all the at-home spaces that we spend hours mulling over, all too often it’s the outdoors spaces and gardens that are neglected. And it’s understandable. It’s a huge step up from caring for houseplants, cacti and succulents, eh?

However, we're a huge fan of versatile outdoors spaces. Perhaps you’ve moved into your first home or you have a fanciful balcony area to call your own. We’ve got you covered with some of our favourite ideas.

The Simple & Cosy

Ideal for those starting with a blank canvas, the idea behind the simple and cosy is to keep lawns tidy, blooms to a minimum and invest in some cosy seating. May is the ideal time to invest in something a little more sturdy than garden chairs, with evenings drawing out a little longer and temperatures beginning to hold themselves for just a touch more. L-shaped outdoors sofas work well but if these are out of your budget, try a little DIY of wooden platforms, stacked to different levels and throwing huge cushions and beanbags on them. Focus your Simple & Cosy set-up around a bucket BBQ and introduce smores as your evening desserts to eke the most out of your new den. Oh and don’t forget lovely lanterns with flickering candles plus industrial light bulb string lights for immeasurable comfort.

The Practical

A great way to add worth to your garden is by creating a mini barbecue. Whether you enjoy hosting parties or not, a little barbecue set-up will truly transform the way you use your outdoors space. You could invest in a bucket BBQ or buy a wire grill tray and elevate it between stacked bricks: try using yours to make baked eggs in the mornings, grill burgers at lunch or toast smores in the evening.

The I-Hardly-Even Tried

For those with a dinky balcony, this bohemian set-up is ideal for you. Oh so easy yet beautifully effective (and easy to pack up and go, after your rental), it’s all about creating cosy nooks with mismatched planets, throws, cushions and wooden crates. The beauty in this? It genuinely is all about the haphazardly thrown together look, so those ‘old cushions’ can just be strewn about out here once your living room has had its refresh.

How will you be styling your outdoors space this spring?

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